Rational water use


Water is one of the most important resources given to us by the environment and it should be used in a rational way, since it is an essential component of ecosystems and for the survival of Mankind and other living beings.


 Small acts can lead to an improved use of water or its recycling for other means. Water is a scarce resource and as such, it is vital that we recognize its value and promote its sensible use.


Here are some habits we all can adopt to avoid water wastage:


  • Wash your teeth with the tap off or use a glass of water
  • Only use the washing machine and the dishwasher when fully loaded
  • Wait for dishes to gather and wash them all at once
  • Fix plumbing leaks
  • Instead of baths, take showers and keep the tap off unless necessary for rinsing.
  • Use only half the flush in the toilet by using the half flush toilet button or by putting a bottle inside the cistern
  • Do not wash your car with a hose, use a bucket and sponge
  • Water the plants in the morning or evening time
  • Recycle as much as possible