What we do

AQUAPOR / LUSÁGUA’s main business is the provision of services in the fields of system design, project management and the provision of public Water Supply and Sanitation services, and Urban Cleaning and Waste Collection, seeking, on the one hand, to ensure the quality and availability of the water supplied to consumers and, on the other, to protect water resources and preserve public health.


At AQUAPOR / LUSÁGUA the focus is on customer satisfaction, reflected in our quest to continually improve service levels and increase operating efficiency.


The whole company acts to improve the environment and quality of life, which is reflected in initiatives that encourage the efficient use of natural resources, waste minimisation and its appropriate management and the prevention of pollution and risks to the safety of people and property.


AQUAPOR / LUSÁGUA involves all its employees in the ongoing improvement of its business, promoting customer orientation and the adoption of good environmental and safety practices.






Over 1200 employees

Water and sanitation management in 26 Portuguese municipalities

1.3 million people served
Operation and maintenance in more than 100 WWTP


64 000 tons of urban waste collected annually 

Accredited Analysis Laboratory

Present in 4 Countries


2018 Data