Águas do Planalto delivers 1300 bottles to Schools Grouping of Tábua

Águas do Planalto, a company of the Aquapor Group, leader in the management of municipal water concessions in Portugal, delivered 1300 reusable stainless steel bottles to Schools Grouping of Tábua.

This initiative, which took place on January 14, is seen by the company as a way to sensitize students in the Tábua school community to reduce the ecological footprint, encouraging them to reduce the use of plastics and consume more water from the tap.

The campaign, which involved an investment of 25 thousand euros by Águas do Planalto, will run until the end of the school year in fourteen schools in the municipality. All 8,000 students covered will receive their environmentally friendly bottles.

For Paulo Oliveira, Director of the Aquapor Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Águas do Planalto, "this is an initiative with a strong impact on the younger community, “it is through it that a change in the environmental paradigm will begin and, consequently, a greater perception of the need to change our daily behavior ". Paulo Oliveira remenber that young people" are our adults of tomorrow. " As for water quality in the municipality, the Aquapor Group Administrator and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Águas do Planalto argues that the company “has made a huge investment in the water collection and distribution system in recent years. supply of these reusable stainless steel bottles is a great way for everyone to consume more tap water. ”

In addition to Paulo Oliveira, the bottle delivery ceremony was attended by the Directors of Águas do Planalto, José Ferreira dos Santos and Narciso Matias, the President, Vice-President and Councilor of the Tábua City Council, Mário Loureiro, Ricardo Cruz and António Oliveira, respectively, and the Director of Schools Grouping of Tábua, Sidónio Costa.
Preserving the environment and the environmental impact is everyone's responsibility and Águas do Planalto thus contributes to one of the five municipalities in which it operates - in this case, Tábua. The company has been in the municipality since 1998, serves more than 72 thousand inhabitants and is committed to guaranteeing the water supply and distribution to the population of Tábua.