Águas de Gondomar offers 1,000 reusable cups to employees of the Fernando Pessoa University School Hospital

Águas de Gondomar, a company of the Aquapor Group, visited the facilities of the Fernando Pessoa University School Hospital on January 29 and offered its employees 1,000 reusable stainless steel cups.

With the worsening of the pandemic in the North of the country, “we intend to thank the effort and dedication of those on the front line, combining the incentive to consume tap water, and that each employee uses his glass, in order to mitigate the spread of disease ”says Jaime Martins, General Director of Águas de Gondomar.

The glasses were delivered to all employees of the Hospital-Escola da Universidade Fernando Pessoa, and at the end the HEFP Management Council, in the person of Dr. Bruno Soares, referred to "gestures like this mean a lot to those on the front line and they give us the strength to continue fulfilling our mission ”, affirming that“ there are gestures that are worth more than a thousand words ”.

In 2019, as part of the “Drink Water from the Tap” campaign, Águas de Gondomar had already placed 6 drinking fountains in this Hospital, so that all its users could consume excellent quality water.