North Regional Seminar on Municipal Solid Waste Management, Nampula - Mozambique


VISAQUA, subsidiary of AQUAPOR - Services SA, was invited to participate in the North Regional Seminar on Municipal Solid Waste Management held in Nampula on the 17th and 18th of March (2016) under the PROSIGRU project (Project for Municipal Solid Waste Management System reinforcement). This seminar, organized jointly by MITADER, International Association of Lay Volunteers (LVIA) and National Association of Mozambique Municipalities (ANAMM), intended to share experiences between the technicians of the invited municipalities on Municipal Solid Waste Management (SWM). It was attended by 14 municipalities.

VISAQUA was the only company of the private sector present at the event, consequence of the performance shown in the South Region Seminar on SWM and recognition of technical assets and way of working for the organization.

On the first day, VISAQUA presented the management solution implemented in SWM collection contracts in Matola city, including the allocated means and site issues, mechanical workshop and fleet management. Participants were very interested in presented solutions and will have access to that type of service. The second day was reserved for the discussion of dumps eradication and landfills implementation, tariffs and means to improve SWM. The final part of the seminar was reserved for group work on Municipal Regulation model for SWM, developed by MITADER. The message is that all municipalities should already have defined and implemented the respective Municipal Regulation of Urban Solid Waste Management, in compliance with the Central Government's instructions in the case, through MITADER.