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Last May 2 marked the beginning of the period of exploitation of potable water distribution networks in the Industrial City 2 of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by the TAWZEA / AQUAPOR consortium.

The inaugural ceremony coincided with the official connection of the supply to PEPSI Megaplant and was attended by representatives of the consortium TAWZEA / AQUAPOR, grantor MODON and PEPSI, which took place in what will be the largest production unit of the PEPSICO group worldwide.

At the same time, the connections of the other factories take place, being estimated that by the end of this month, more than 70% of the volume of water will be supplied through the city's distribution networks.

The concession for the management of water and sanitation infrastructures in the Jeddah Industrial Cities 2 and 3 awarded to the TAWZEA / AQUAPOR consortium has a geographical area of ​​28 Km2 in the first phase and aims to ensure the continuous and high quality service, from potable water distribution to the wastewater treatment, to more than 1000 industrial units.

The Industrial Cities of Jeddah 2 and 3 are located in the province of Mecca, south of the city of Jeddah (with about 4 million inhabitants), and represent an investment by the grantor MODON, only in basic utilities, of more than 1500 millions of SAR (about 375 millions of SAR).